Saturday, January 30, 2010

Longings Fulfilled

Being a long-distance Grandma can be trying, because you miss your grandchildren (and children ) terribly. I can't just take off and visit because of my work schedule, but fortunately I was able to be there to care for my daughter after my granddaughter was born. I was there for nine days and fell totally in love with her! It was so hard to leave to go home knowing I wouldn't see her agin till Christmas! I did get to spend four good days with my family over Christmas, and it was easier to say goodbye to my daughter, granddaughter, and son-in -law knowing I would see them again at the end of January! Well, here we are at the end of January and I am visiting my daughter and her family because my granddaughter is being dedicated in their church tomorrow. I came last night with my other daughter and her fiance. We left at 6pm, stopped for dinner, and had an uneventful trip till we got lost and had to backtrack an hour and a half, thus losing three hours. We arrived at 3 am and went straight to bed. My husband and other daughters arrive tonight. I spent the day admiring my granddaughter and waiting patiently for her aunt to share her with me! I did get her all to myself for a couple of hours because I was babysitting her! She just gets cuter and cuter.... even if she cries. I just want to see her, spoil her, cuddle her, hear her coo, hug her, and kiss her. She has the widest smile and the most gorgeous blue eyes ever! I'm storing up my cuddles till next time I see her, and till then I will content myself with pictures online. What a treasure she is!!