Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Missy and Eric's Wedding

After a very stressful, power-less week, Missy and Eric's wedding went off beautifully! By the day of her wedding rehearsal, every place that needed power for the wedding had it, including the hair salons, the nail salons, and her house. The day of the rehearsal started in a crazy manner, though.... someone hit her car and she had to borrow mine, so Al and Caroline had to drive me to do my errands that were in preparation for the wedding. I had to go to Stop and Shop, and to find a nail salon with power. Actually, Gail decided we should have our nails done at Buckland Mall near her apartment. Al was preparing to drive us there, when Dave and Becca showed up. So we all went to Gail's. Caroline met us there, and she, Gail, and I went to get our nails done. Erin and Janet went to Gail's apartment with us so Caroline could curl their hair in preparation for their up-dos the next day, but we ran late so that didn't happen. Our nails took longer than expected, but somehow we all managed to get to the rehearsal on time. Getting that large a bridal party together to rehearse is quite an undertaking! We went right to the dinner afterward, at La Notte in East Windsor. Eric's uncle took pictures, and Missy and Eric had gifts for the bridal party and parents. It was fun to meet all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and some of Eric's family. We had to be up early the next day, as Missy wanted the women at her house to get ready at 9 am. Caroline went to her salon to have her hair done at 8:30, and Al drove me and the younger girls to Missy's. Caroline had been able to pre-curl Janet's and Erin's hair at Gail's after the rehearsal dinner. We stopped at Stop and Shop first,so that I could get bagels, banannas, orange juice, and cream cheese. We got to Missy's, had breakfast, and began to get ready. Amanda, one of Missy's bridesmaids, did my makeup first, while Caroline did Becca's hair. Then Caroline did my hair. Meanwhile, Missy and her bridesmaids went to their salon to have their hair done. Everyone looked really nice. I got to know some of Missy's bridesmaids and Meredith's mom. Meredith is Missy's best friend and was her maid of honor. The flower girls, Sage, Noelle, and Riley, were there as well, looking adorable. Sage asked me to take a picture with my camera, so I took a picture of her. She said, "NO," and pointed to her mom. I thought she wanted me to take a picture of her mom, so I did. She said "NO, I want to see Sagie!" She wanted a picture of her and her mom together, so I took one and showed it to her. Riley was a perfect young lady, and Noelle didn't quite steal the show from her Auntie Mimi, but she came close! Missy's photographer impressed me because he was everywhere at once without ever being in the way! Everyone looked so lovely all dressed up for the wedding, and Missy was every bit as stunning as I knew she woud be. We all cried when she had her dress on, and when she opened the necklace from Eric that used to be his mother's, we cried even more, because Missy cried! Al got there just in time for pictures outside by the fence. It was COLD! The bridal party got into the limo to go to the church, and Al and I drove in his car. At the church, we stood in the vestibule waiting for the bridal party to arrive, and had the opportunity to greet some guests as they arrived. I was relieved to see that my dad and sisters and Al's brother and sister arrived on time. The only one missing was our son, David, who would have walked me down the aisle. He is a Marine reservist currently overseas. However, my nephew, Patrick, did a fine job of filling in for him! Becca made a tape of David congratulating Missy and Eric on their wedding before he left for his deployment, and they played it at the rehearsal dinner. Anyway, Eric's dad and his fiance were seated, and then it was time for Patrick to walk me down the aisle. I smiled at my sisters and their families as I walked. My dress was a deep sapphire blue with a full skirt, and with the hairstyle Caroline gave me I felt very regal. I sat down, to wait in eager anticipation for the bridal party to proceed down the aisle. All of the bridesmaids were lovely, and their deep magenta Gerbera daisy bouquets really stood out against the espresso brown of their dresses. The groomsmen escorted the bridesmaids down the aisle. It did tickle me that my very petite Janet Marie was escorted by a very big guy, and I found out later that Missy and Eric had done it on purpose! :) Next came the flower girls and ring bearer. Avery held Sage's and Noelle's hands as they walked down the aisle. Sage and Noelle looked SO serious, and they were adorable. When the flower girls got down the aisle, I took Noelle to sit next to me till Becca got to our seat. Riley, the older flower girl, walked by herself and was a perfect little lady. Then came the maid of honor, Meredith, in a short dress the same color as the bridesmaids. Then---- we all stood up as the bride, our beautiful Melissa, walked down the aisle. I had begun to tear up when Patrick walked me down the aisle, but now I was REALLY crying, so happy for Missy and Eric, loving Missy so much, and glad she had found her love. Patrick read the first Scripture, then Eric's cousin read one. When Missy and Eric said their vows, Missy cried, which made me cry again. The ceremony was short but lovely, and Al and I had the opportunity to greet more guests as we waited for Missy and Eric to come out. Then we went to the reception while the bridal party posed for pictures. When they got to the reception site, Missy and Eric posed for pictures with the family. Her photographer got many candids too. I took pictures as well, but not at the ceremony. When we were ready to walk in to dinner, Missy made me put my camera and cluthch purse in the bridal suite, so I couldn't take any more pictures. We walked in to dinner before Eric's dad and fiancee, just ahead of the bridal party. Then each bridesmaid came in with her escort, and the moms or dads brought the ring bearer and flower girls. Missy came in with a Yankees #1 on her finger, while Eric came in with a Red Sox jersey over his tux! Then came the toasts, which made me cry, and Missy's and Eric's first dance, which made me cry even more! She is so beautiful and they are so deeply in love. Noelle began to dance as soon as she heard the music, and all the bridesmaids wanted to dance with her. Grandma even danced with her! She didn't stop the whole evening. Al and I danced together for a couple of dances too, which we've never done before. We were very conscious of the blessing and miracle God had given us in sparing his life last year so that he could dance with Missy and me at her wedding! We sat at the table with my dad and sisters, and with Mr. and Mrs. Glen and Barbara Anderson. Barbara and I used to teach at the same school, and Missy and Becca are friends with one of her daughters, so they know Missy very well. My dad kept looking at my fingernails, which were polished with light sapphire with white and silver accents. I normally don't do things like that, but I wanted something to match my dress. We enjoyed spending time with our family and friends.   Missy and Eric cut the cake without getting any frosting on each other, and afterwards was the father-daughter dance. Al chose "I Loved Her First," and of course that meant more tears! The reeption ended at 11, and we helped to gather the gifts and pictures to bring back to Missy and Eric's apartment. We were going to stay there, while the bridal party stayed in the hotel across from the reception site, but Al went home after dropping us off and said we had power, so we went home. The next day we went to breakfast with Missy, Eric, and the bridal party. When we got home, Glen and his family and Lisa and Patrick were there helping to clear our yard of downed branches and trees from the storm, so we had pizza with them. Missy and Eric left for their honeymoon in Antigua early Monday morning. After the week they put in, they deserved every minute of it! Praise God for making a way for them to have thier wedding on their day, and for providing power just in time! Praise Him for bringing the two of them together! Praise Him for sparing Al's life from his heart attack so he could walk his Missy down the aisle and dance with her at her wedding! I pray that He would ever bless and keep our daughter and our new son-in-law. We love you, Missy and Eric!