Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Things I've Discovered

When you ask a child (particularly a preteen or a teenager) what's going on,and they respond with "Nothing," it can mean any one of three things. First, and easiest to deal with, is "nothing" that is really nothing. You don't need to do anything with that. Next, and more challenging is nothing" that says, "something's wrong but I don't want to talk about it." This kind of "nothing" requires patience to wait until he's ready to talk about it. If the child is a girl, it won't take long. If he's a boy, you may have to be REALLY patient! They will tell you in their own time, if you let them know you're available. The third kind of "nothing" is the most challenging. It's the "nothing" that you'd better find out about FAST! usually tell my kids "You'd better tell me about it before I find out about it!" This pronouncement is delivered in a stern voice with a "MOMMY LOOK" !!!!! It's usually effective. The best resopnse to "Nothing" is "What kind of nothing?"

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cuddle Time!!!!

Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived Thursday night for Janet's graduation. I was picking up Janet and Erin along with one of their classmates at their school when Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived. Janet and Erin had been at their high school banquet in honor of the seniors (Janet is one) and I had to drive them and their classmate home. Her mom wanted to see my girls' dresses, so it was well after midnight when we got home. To my delight, they were all still awake, and Noelle was happy. She cried for a little bit when I first picked her up, but soon got reacquainted with Grandma. Well, it was nearly one o'clock when we went to bed and Noelle woke us up with her cute squeals at 5: 00. She even woke Auntie Erin, who never gets up before 6: 30 and not without prodding. The only problem? Erin would not stop playing with the baby. I imagined the note I would have to write and didn't think the principal would accept "Erin was late because she was playing with her baby niece" as a valid excuse. However, it might have given him a good laugh! Friday morning Dave and Becca, Noelle, Caroline, and I took Janet out to breakfast. Noelle loved it. After taking Janet and a fellow graduating senior to school, Caroline and I took Noelle to the park while Becca cut Dave's hair. Then Caroline blow-dried my hair and we got ready for the open house, which the Lord worked out perfectly. I dressed, picked up the pizza, picked up Erin's classmate, and arrived home to find that Janet and Erin had arrived hime just as one of our guests had arrived. Not only that, but my dad,sisters, and nephew pulled into our driveway just as I did. As we were all going into the house, Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived. Our other guests arrived within ten minutes.Noelle was just adorable and I'm so thankful that my dad (Noelle's great-grandpa!) and my sisters got to see her.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


So my "Little Ladybug" is a high school graduate! Her graduation was last night, and it was beautiful. She looked so tiny up on that stage, but also very much like the beautiful young lady she's become. She got academic awards in three subjects: Bible, science, and speech. Before leaving for the graduation, we had a small "open house" gathering at our home. Several friends from church came, as well as my dad, my three sisters, my youngest nephew, my oldest daughter, my son in law, and my granddaughter. I wasn't sure that i would be ale to pull this gathering off, because of the logistics of getting ready and of getting Janet (the graduate) and Erin (her younger sister who's in the choir) to the school by 7:00, and then making sure that we and everyone else were there before 7:30, when the graduation actually began! The Lord worked it out perfectly, though. Everyone arrived between 4:30 and 5:00, and we had a nicer time of fellowship while the girls were getting ready.... and Janet was able to say hello to everyone. Caroline took Janet, Erin, and another classmate who also had to be there by 7:00, and we and our guests left at 6:30 and got there in plenty of time before the ceremony began. Janet looked adorable walking down the aisle, and the whole senior class sang "How deep the Faher's Love for Us," which made me cry. The choir sang "The Lord Bless You and Keep You, " which always makes me cry at graduation even if I don't have a graduate on the stage! And of course, all the "Aunties" (Caroline in particular) had fun showing off their little niece! Congratulations, Janet Marie! Love you-- Proud of you--- Praying for you!