Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cuddle Time!!!!

Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived Thursday night for Janet's graduation. I was picking up Janet and Erin along with one of their classmates at their school when Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived. Janet and Erin had been at their high school banquet in honor of the seniors (Janet is one) and I had to drive them and their classmate home. Her mom wanted to see my girls' dresses, so it was well after midnight when we got home. To my delight, they were all still awake, and Noelle was happy. She cried for a little bit when I first picked her up, but soon got reacquainted with Grandma. Well, it was nearly one o'clock when we went to bed and Noelle woke us up with her cute squeals at 5: 00. She even woke Auntie Erin, who never gets up before 6: 30 and not without prodding. The only problem? Erin would not stop playing with the baby. I imagined the note I would have to write and didn't think the principal would accept "Erin was late because she was playing with her baby niece" as a valid excuse. However, it might have given him a good laugh! Friday morning Dave and Becca, Noelle, Caroline, and I took Janet out to breakfast. Noelle loved it. After taking Janet and a fellow graduating senior to school, Caroline and I took Noelle to the park while Becca cut Dave's hair. Then Caroline blow-dried my hair and we got ready for the open house, which the Lord worked out perfectly. I dressed, picked up the pizza, picked up Erin's classmate, and arrived home to find that Janet and Erin had arrived hime just as one of our guests had arrived. Not only that, but my dad,sisters, and nephew pulled into our driveway just as I did. As we were all going into the house, Dave, Becca, and Noelle arrived. Our other guests arrived within ten minutes.Noelle was just adorable and I'm so thankful that my dad (Noelle's great-grandpa!) and my sisters got to see her.


  1. I don't know how I didn't read this until now! Love your updates!

  2. too busy and on vacation! book review pending!