Friday, April 2, 2010

What Happens When You're the Baby of Seven?

That's a question best answered by Erin, our youngest child. First of all, she weighed ten pounds at birth, and broke her collarbone during her delivery. Secondly, she was delightfully chubby and cuddly, and no one wanted to put her down after picking her up. She felt like a big, soft teddy bear. Well, since my three oldest are girls, Erin, Janet, and Caroline sort of had four Moms instead of just one. And since Becca, Gail, and Missy were fourteen, eleven, and almost ten respectively when Erin was born, they all spoiled her. She became very outgoing because she was used to being around people. She also became very easygoing with a bubbly personality. When Erin was almost a year old, I began teaching third and fourth grade. Since Al worked in a home office, Erin would often stay with him during the day. He would bring her with him to do errands, among which was a stop at a Dunkin' Donuts for coffee and a donut for Erin. Well, she learned to anticipate going out for a donut every time Daddy watched her. She would say,"Donut, Daddy!" and get her jacket. If he didn't respond right away, she would get HIS jacket. Daddy would give in, and they would go to Dunkin' Donuts. I don't know how many free donuts Erin got because somebody thought she was cute! She was, and still is. At just fifteen, she is tall and slender with the same cheerful personality. Even a fractured collarbone didn't stop her from cuddling her little niece last time we visited. If I were to describe Erin in one word it would be...... "irrepressible!"


  1. Erin does have a BIG personality! :-D I don't know her as well as the other siblings, though, because I haven't lived with you guys for most of her life. :-(

  2. Actually, Becca, you know her better than you think, because she's the baby and you spent so much time with her when she was little. I feel as if I know Betsy better than my other sisters because she was the baby and I took care of her so often.