Monday, July 5, 2010

Book Review: A Guy's Guide to Life by Jason Boyett

A Guy's Guide to Life, by Jason Boyett and published by Thomas Nelson, Nashville Tennessee, 2010, provides practical, humorous, and timely advice for a teenage guy. The book covers everything from grooming to family to friends to development to intimacy to a relationship with God. Boyett's language is casual and appealing to teen guys, making the tips he gives appealing to the teen reader. This reader, a mom of six girls and ONE young adult guy, even gained some insight into how her son might be thinking! Boyett begins by breaking down the "Myths of Manhood," as he calls them. These myths are some of the societal stereotypes about men that can place undue pressure on a teen. He also discusses communication, family relationships, and women. He gives the teen guy some valuable understanding about how a woman or girl might think or feel. There is a tasteful chapter covering sex. This reader does recommend that the parent read through this chapter before giving it to their teen, as it could prove a springboard for discussing this topic with him. All in all, "A Guy's Guide to Life" is enjoyable, insightful, practical, and readable, even to this seemingly unlikely reader!

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