Sunday, March 14, 2010

More "Little Kid " Stories

Melissa, or Missy, as we nicknamed her, is our third daughter. (We have six altogether, with our son in the middle.) She was a very peaceful, laid-back baby. When she was about two she started calling me "my own Mommy". She also used to ask me to "talk to me in my cheek", which, in plain English, means "Whisper in my ear." I used to put my cheek against hers and whisper, "cuddle-cuddle," and she would do it back. So when she wanted me to do that, she would say "Talk to me in my cheek." She was, and is, very intelligent. In first grade she got a perfect 100 average on her spelling tests. She complained about a worksheet that had been marked wrong one day. The class was studying compound words, and the directions had said "Circle the smaller words in each compound word." When she showed me the paper, I saw that she had only circled half of the words. When I pointed this out to her, her reply was, "But it said to circle the smaller words!" She had circled the smaller of each pair of words in each compound word! This is the same girl who when she was older locked my keys in my car because she figured out how to circumvent the device that was supposed to keep you from locking your keys in the car! Sometimes we can be too complicated!

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