Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Tiny "Rosebud"

Caroline is our fifth child and fourth daughter. She was only 6 lb. 10 oz. at birth, and her complexion was pink andwhite and red. Everyone said , "Oh, she looks like a little rosebud!" Since her middle name is Rose, her nickname was "Rosie." Caroline was daddy's baby. The older girls used to get her to ask him whenever they wanted us to do something such as go out for dinner or ice cream, because they knew he'd have a harder time saying no to her. Sometimes they knew he would say no but they got Caroline to ask anyway just to see Daddy's reaction. When Caroline was three, we planned to buy her a tricycle. She looked at her Daddy with her baby blue eyes, and asked, "Daddy, will you buy me a cute little tricycle?" Guess what we did? We piled into the car, drove to Child World, and bought Caroline a new tricycle that night! She's still tiny, but is now a beautiful, smiling young lady!

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  1. Ha ha! I forgot how much she used to have Daddy wrapped around her little finger!!!