Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Book Review: Captured by Grace by Dr. David Jeremiah

Captured by Grace, written by David Jeremiah and published by Thomas Nelson, Nashville, 2006, is powerful description of God's grace. Using the life stories of John Newton and the apostle Paul, Jeremiah gives the reader a striking picture of how God's grace pursues, forgives, preserves, and restores us. Interwoven into the narrative are stanzas from John Newton's hymn, "Amazing Grace." Dr. Jeremiah divides his book into three main sections: "Grace for the Past," "Grace for the Present," and "Grace for the Future." Each chapter within the main divisions is subtitled with a line from the beloved "Amazing Grace." The prelude, as Jeremiah calls it, to Captured by Grace, is a stirring account of Saul being pursued by God as he persecutes Christians prior to his conversion, and of Newton being brought under conviction by God as he engages in the slave trade. The parallel accounts of Newton and Paul (formerly Saul) and the demonstrations of God's grace in their lives throughout this book leave the reader in tears and in awe of so mighty and merciful a God. There are also examples of other people "captured" by God's grace, and each example is compelling to read. At the end of each chapter is a brief devotional passage, which would be helpful as a Bible study. Those who read Captured by Grace will be uplifted, comforted, and amazed, not by the book itself, but by our great Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! (This copy of Captured by Grace was provided free for review by Thomas Nelson. The opinions in this review are my own and I have not received any other compensation for this book review.)

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