Sunday, August 1, 2010

Becca and Noelle's Visit

This week we were blessed to have Becca and Noelle visiting, as Dave was on a missions trip. I was able to take three days off while they were here, and will (God willing) be traveling to PA next week to see them again, along with my son David, who's coming up from Florida. Becca and Noelle were at our house Sunday night when we got home from Vacation Bible Time at church. I held her while Becca and Erin unloaded the car. Al walked in a few minutes later and began talking to Noelle, who went right into his arms. I kind of felt like that was cheating since he had just seen her a few days earlier, but they are adorable together! Within fifteen minutes, he gave her back to me. Then all the aunties, including Aunt Missy who "just happened" to be at our house doing laundry, wanted to play with her too. We didn't get to sleep till after midnight. Noelle woke up in the wee hours of the morning each night they were here. Since the pack N play was in our bedroom, I got to sneak a few cuddles in before giving Noelle to Becca. Monday I had a later shift at work, so I was able to play with my granddaughter in the morning. Tuesday, we went to my sister's house to visit my family. Thoe most precious thing was how my dad held Noelle and wouldn't give her up even when his arm fell asleep, and how Noelle gave Aunt Cindy (one of my sisters) a kiss when Cindy showed Noelle her kitty!

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  1. That's precious! I'm so glad you got to hang out with her so much, Mommy!